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In 1852, the Wayne County Commissioners purchased 286 acres of farmland and built the Wayne County Home.  The County Home housed the aged, sick, and homeless families with children who were not able to care for  themselves.   In the 1930's, the addition of a County Hospital and Nurses Home was built on the grounds.  The Home remained nearly self-sufficient with a large working farm and dairy.  Residents maintained huge gardens and canned their harvests.  The dairy provided milk, cream, and butter.  The farm remained in operation until the 1970's.  In 1983, the name was changed to the Wayne County Care Center with the opening of a new 50-bed Medicaid certified nursing home.  The original building was deemed a historical landmark and leased to Wayne Metropolitan Housing Authority.  In June of 2007, the Care Center became certified for skilled services.The staff at the Wayne County Care Center is committed to preserving the traditions of caring that have passed through time.