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Judy Beichler


Judy grew up in the Cambridge area. She loved going to her grandfather’s sheep farm. She couldn’t wait till Friday so she would go for 2 nights at his place. She rode the ponies, fed the chickens and even milked a cow now and then. Today, her grandfather is a special part of her heart. She has always found she was in the helping elder place most of her life. She has been an Administrator of Nursing Homes over 28 years; prior to that she was a Social Worker. She started out in the Long Term Care business as a Nursing Assistant. Judy married a “Creston" boy and has been married to Scott now for 10 years. They have 1 son and 2 grandchildren. She loves to travel, experiment in cooking and sit on the beach of a river, lake or ocean.  Judy joined WCCC in Jan 2022.